Timeless Photography SA is proudly owned by Andre & Christelle Koen and is based in Kempton Park, South Africa.

Christelle has a national diploma in fine arts.
She is versatile in style with a natural feel for portraiture as well as candid photography.
 Her earlier passion was street photography.

Andre is a self schooled photographer who discovered his passion for photography in 2003, versatile in style with a natural eye for colour.
He was vice chairman of F-Stop photo-club in Kempton Park for two consecutive years.

TP SA's recorded works reflects the ability to get inside a subject, they love to capture an accurate interpretation of mood, and emotive balance within their images.

TP SA concentrate their energies on capturing the unique essence of subjects that is in front their lenses by using the most effective angles and lighting effects to give a subject depth and perspective.

AndrĂ© Koen

084 242 2271 

Christelle Koen

084 580 8808


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